Saturday, August 16, 2008

Wicomico Farm & Home Show

Due to a previous engagement We were not able to get over to Winter Place Park until afternoon today and unfortunately many of the activities were over with. The last time I went to a Farm & Home show, it was held at the Civic Center and I have to say the quality of the exhibits were impressive but the quantity was a bit disappointing. I know the area at Winter Place has much more square footage than the Civic Center but there certainly was not enough to on display to even come close to fill the arena.

There was some good entertainment though. Pictured here is Malcolm and Carol Russ of "MoonStruck Music" from Exmore Virginia. The Russ's set up in the main arena and began to play, sing and perform and I can tell you they were a delight to listen and talk to. When they finished one number I jokingly asked Malcolm if he was playing a violin or a fiddle and he accurately replied "It all depends on what kind of music is coming out of it."
They then treated us to some violin music and followed that quickly with a rendition of "Louisiana Saturday Night" on the fiddle. Carol accompanied on the accordion and believe me it was a real toe tapper. Should you have a need for light entertainment please give them a call and see what they have to offer. Reach them by phone at 757.442.4982 or e-mail at .

There were activities for the youngsters as well. One event that was fun to watch was the pedal tractor pull. I don't know what kind of weight these kids were pulling but just like the real deal the sled moved the weight forward as the kids pedaled down the course. By the time they reached their limit those guys were really working to move the pedals too. We only watched a couple of these relays but it sure seemed like everyone was having a good time.

Many of the readers of this BLOG know I am very much in favor of recycling and for that reason I was very much interested with the "Black Dog" vendor at the show today. The Gentleman on hand was able to tell me that the Adirondack Chairs picture here are made of 100% recycled plastic.
All those bottles that once held soda, milk, detergent, etc are being used to make these chairs. A UV protecting agent is incorporated and the color goes all the way through. The surface is textured to look like wood and each chair weighs in at a hefty 70 lbs. Little chance of losing that in a windstorm. Black Dog also sells Amish Barns and Gazebos here as well as Lighthouse, and Wishing Well lawn ornaments. Black Dog is located in Pocomoke MD and be reached at
410.957.1993 for information on their products.

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