Monday, August 25, 2008

Dedication of SFD Station 16, Cypress St.

The City of Salisbury and the Salisbury Fire Department held dedication ceremonies for the new Station 16 at 325 Cypress St. in Salisbury on Saturday, August 23. On hand for the event were Mayor Tilghman, city council president Louse Smith, representatives from the Maryland House of Delegates and Senate, and many other local dignitaries.

A special presentation of an American
Flag flown in Iraq was presented to the family of Michael McMullen.
Mike was a Fire Fighter Paramedic with the Salisbury Fire Department and was on duty in Iraq with the National Guard unit which he served, when in 2006 his convoy came under attack. While Mike was attempting to aid and assist a fellow soldier injured in the attack when he himself was mortally wounded.
Lt. David Insley of the SFD Special Ops Team, Chief See, SFD President Mark Cotter, and Mayor Tilghman presented the flag and proclamation to Mikes family on behalf of the marine expeditionary unit that honored Mike with this gift.

When the presentations and proclamations had been completed inside the event moved outside where the cornerstone to the building was official laid jointly by the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Maryland and the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Lodge of Maryland. History was made this day for both of these fine Masonic organizations as it was the first time ever the two had participated in a joint ceremony of this kind in the State of Maryland.

After the cornerstone ceremony and official ribbon cutting, or in this case a "hose uncoupling" was performed at the front of the building. The building was then open to tours and refreshments for all in attendance.

This new building, long overdue, incorporates several entities of the Salisbury Fire Department to a single location. On the south end of the building is the departments administrative wing with office and conference areas as well the quartermaster supply depot for the department. The center of the building are the equipment bays and on the north end you will find the living quarters, fitness room, conference room, and offices for the line officers of the department. Also in this area is the training facility which included realistic props for all manners of training including a four story tower to be used for fire fighting and rescue evolutions.

Additionally the station was designed to accommodate future growth in the department and should serve the city for longer than the building it replaces on South Division St, which has stood and served for more than 80 years.

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tri Townsend said...

Joe's inside man was blind. We had 216 chairs set up, filled and another 87 more set out and filled. Did I mention the double line of people standing in the back. The majority of the career personnel were setting up and demonstrating for special operations. The vollies were busy helping guests and assisting the ladies in the kitchen getting the food ready. Wish they came to me and introduced themselves, I would have loved to enlightened them. I had all the info ready for them to fire out questions for Joey. No such luck.