Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hebron Spring Carnival

It’s time again for the annual Hebron Spring Festival and Carnival, located on Main Street in Hebron, Maryland.  All the food, fun, games and excitement get underway Wednesday, May 25th and continues for 16 fun filled nights thru June 18th.  Come out each Wednesday through Saturday and ride the rides, all night long, with your friends and family for only $12.00 dollars.  Food opens at 6:30 with rides opening at 7:15.

For family fun, the Hebron Carnival is #1.
For more information visit:  hebronvfd.com



I used to love the carnival way, way, long ago when i lived down there. You just can't beat $12 for unlimited rides {still have "The Scrambler??}-you can't get into a movie for that these days. I can't believe other blogs/MSM down there don't show the gig any love. Are the oyster sammiches still as good?? Good times..good times. And a wonderful cause.

Soapbox said...

Last year I found the oyster sandwiches to be of poor quality. All bread and only 4 very small oysters in the entire sandwich!
The crab cakes and soft crabs were excellent.

Yes-they still have the scrambler and I understand many of the rides have been refurbished this year.