Sunday, May 16, 2010

R.I.P. Mr. Robert Cannon, Honorary Fire Commissioner for SFD

I received a phone call this morning with the sad information that Mr. Robert Cannon had passed away. I have known Mr. Cannon since my days in high school and I truly came to known him through my many years with the Salisbury Fire Department and his love and respect for the all the members. Mr. Cannon could be seen in the fire house visited almost at any time of day or night. He always had a kind word for the men and women that worked and volunteered there and he truly was a friend to all. Many time in the spring while we were preparing the flower beds around the station Mr. Cannon would purchase the plants we needed. I can't begin to tell you how many poinsettias arrived for Christmas, all for the members to take home for their own use. Several times when a project was ongoing in the station Mr. Cannon would make sure that the materials needed to complete the job was made available at no charge to the Department.
Mr Cannon was always invited to our functions and more often than not he attended them. I believe it was Deputy Chief Tim Keenan that first gave me Cannon the "Honorary Fire Commissioner" title and Mr Cannon embraced that title with great pride. He attended the annual banquets, and in recent years the medal day ceremonies held in the spring. He made an effort to know each member by name and often times their spouses as well. A warm hand shake and a smile was the norm from Mr. Cannon and everyone looked forward to seeing him.
His accomplishments go far beyond being the Fire Commissioner for SFD. I don't have his entire bio but I do know he served for a time in the Maryland State Legislature and was politically active on the local front for many years.
Rest in Peace Mr. Cannon. Prayers are extended for you and your family during this difficult time.
You will be greatly missed by all who were blessed with your acquaintance.

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