Monday, January 4, 2010

Ribbons for Sarah UPDATED--see bottom of post

I have been asked several times why I didn't post article on the Sarah Foxwell Saga at Christmas, so before I continue I would like to explain. At first I was going to create post about this and try to be informative to all my readers but it was clear to me that much of the media had already began coverage and the sources I had available to me were no better than what everyone else was already using. I didn't feel that it was necessary to add to the confusion of the situation or to compete with the real news agencies and with the Law Enforcement to get information to the public. I was also made painfully aware that another blogger was in the midst of this terrible tragedy and had at one point posted (or allowed to be posted) erroneous information. Having not visited that particular site in some time, and knowing the authors reputation I can only assume this is true. Myself, not wanting to be lumped in with such a miscreant decided to allow the MSM and LE do their jobs without the burden of having to contend with another press release to me.

Enough said on that.

In the aftermath if this tragedy the people of this community came together to support the family both emotionally and financially. One small group of local citizens began a fundraiser selling magnetic "Ribbons for Sarah" to assist the family. Once it was learned the several funds by other organizations had already done this it was decided that all the money raise from the sale of these ribbons would go to the Missing and Exploited Children Association of MD to help in the enacting of laws with in the State of Maryland that would help to protect our children from vile animals such as the individual alleged to have abducted Sarah. These ribbons are being sold for $5.00 each and checks can be made directly to MECA.

As of this moment I awaiting further information on where and when they will be available and as soon as I have that I shall post here and keep this post at the top for a period of time.

More information can be had by contacting Mr. Vic Gordy @


The following Businesses have the ribbons in stock for those who were unable to get to the candlelight vigil

The Doc's In, North Salisbury Blvd
Price Buick Pontiac GMC
Salisbury Camber of Commerce, Main St
Flavors of Italy, Main St
Salisbury Univ Admissions Office
Laptop Service Center, Right behind Chicfila
Delaware Lumber, Beaver Run Business Park
MAD Electronics, Delmar
IG Burton Cheverolet, Seaford
Grotons Performance, Seaford
Gully's next to Giant
Ocean City Chamber of Commerce
Ocean Pines Chamber of Commerce
Copy Central of Ocean Pines.

Also they are asking for suggestions for a similiar originization in Delaware so they can get the laws changed in both states. The money from the ribbons sold in MD will go to MECA and the ribbons sold in DE will go to a DE org. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.

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