Thursday, November 12, 2009

Jimmy Gladwell update

I have received many requests to post an update on Assistant Chief Gladwell and his lovely wife. I have not really ignored these requests but since it was of such a delicate nature I felt obligated to honor their privacy. I also did not want to intrude on that privacy and I have let some time elapse before speaking to Jim about the situation.
I recently had an opportunity to discuss it with Jim and relayed to him my fears of posting the outcome of these events. Jim--as always assured me that he was confident that anything I posted would be of good quality and he had no problem with me posting an update.
First--up to speed.
Jim and his wife were expecting their first child when they were involved in a horrific auto accident last August. A check on the baby's status immediately following the accident led to the discovery of a medical problem that greatly endangered the child’s health and development. This condition was not related to the accident. Several weeks of testing and monitoring and procedures followed in an effort to correct the condition. Unfortunately, this diligent work was to no avail. The procedures and testing needed to be done on a frequent basis which entailed weekly trips to Baltimore to University of Maryland hospital. On the last trip there was a procedure planned that hopefully would dramatically alter the course of events and would prove to be a lifesaving act for the child. Unfortunately, sonogram performed prior to the procedure found that the baby had expired. This was quite devastating to the Gladwells as you can well imagine and the focus now was to ensure Mrs. Gladwell remained healthy and the physical and emotional healing begin.
Jim and is wife have now recovered from the accident and have returned to their respective jobs. They will probably forever be in recovery for the loss of their child but time and faith does have a way to ease and heal and I believe they are well on that road as well.
One item of note that Jim insisted I pass on is that he and his wife were both humbled by the response and support received from their friends, family, and even people they didn’t know. They wish to convey their most humble thanks to all of you for that support.
They are still planning on a family and I sincerely pray that success is in the cards for their success. Hopefully soon I shall have their permission to post that great news.
From the bottom of my heart and theirs----THANK YOU!

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