Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Brothers in Battle, Best of Friends, Another Great Book

I recently finished the book whose cover is pictured at right. Another book about "Easy Co." of the 101st Airborne Division and two of the men that were there. Both of these men hail from South Philadelphia and lived within walking distance of one another but never met until they were in England at the same time after the Normandy invasion. Bill Guarnere lost a leg in the Ardennes Forrest outside the the town of Foy during the "Battle of the Bilge". "Babe" Heffron remained in Europe till the surrender of Germany in 1945. Since the war the men have been inseparable for more than 60 years.

It's quite a story and as much as it is about them overall they consider it a story of all the men that went to fight. Truly the last two chapters of this book have the most impact to the reader. You really get the feeling you would like to know these men, not just to meet them, but know them.

It's an easy read over-all but you do have to pay attention while reading as the book goes back and forth between the two men's stories and sometimes you can get the feeling your re-reading a section when in reality the book has just switched from one to another of the guys.

The book is available online at many of the usual sources or I'm sure it can be borrowed from your local library. If you are a WWII history buff or just like good reading it's well worth the time. Enjoy

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