Thursday, April 30, 2009

Chief See Says Farewell to the Salisbury Fire Department

On Thursday, April 30, Chief David B. See left his office at the Salisbury Fire Department Administration Wing for the last time. Just outside the entrance of the Departments Heritage Center Museum, many of the rank and file of the department and most of his staff gathered to wish him farewell and good luck.

Standing in a well dressed line each of the Firefighters greeted Chief See as he extended his hand in friendship and thanks to each every member in attendance and briefly exchanged kind words with one and all. At the end of the line Deputy Chief Ricky Hoppes, (Named acting chief earlier today by Mayor Ireton) presented Chief See with an American Flag as a symbol of remembrance and thanks of his 30 years service with the city.

Chief See is not finished with the Fire Service however. He plans to remain as an active volunteer with the Delmar Fire Department and to remain active with the National Organizations he is associated with working for the betterment of Firefighters everywhere. Chief See's official retirement date is June 30th of this year but for the next 60 days he will be using his unused personal leave time.

Farewell Chief See!

We wish you the very best of luck in your retirement.


Anonymous said...

For someone retiring after 30 years......he sure looks like he miserable. what gives?

Soapbox said...

That's just his normal "sunshiny" self.

Seriously, it's all good for him now. He's happy.