Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Good-bye Mr. D.

Last Wednesday Mr Bill Duvall of the "Duvafiles" blog retired from cyberspace. I waited this long to post to be sure that he was really gone and to be sure no other post have appeared. Mr. D was one on the first bloggers in this area and set the bar for political satire and humor on the local front. His wit, though it did get him in a bit of hot water once, was quite good and was done in a professional manner with out the use of curse words, slander, or malice. His was the first blog I ever read and the first blog I read every day.

I fear he may be missing some great opportunities to ply his sageness after this last election and with the city election coming up in a few months but I can also appreciate his wisdom and desire to leave the blogoshere at this time.

Little more can be said except:

Good-bye Mr. D. I shall miss you and of course:


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Anonymous said...

He was very good at being a thorn in Joeys side. Joey only wishes he could be half as witty as BD.