Monday, September 8, 2008

Mike McMullen Tournament Results

It turns out to be a beautiful day for the teams that signed up to play ball in the 3rd annual Mike McMullen Softball tournament sponsored by the Salisbury Fire Department.

The entire tournament was held on Sunday September 7th due to the fields being shut down on the sixth because of Tropical Storm Hannah. It made for a long day and I am told the mythical creature "Dragonass" arrived in the afternoon and had an effect on some of the players.
Top photo Salisbury Assistant Chief Jim Gladwell sending a ball on it way to the outfield during a game with "Bad Mojo", the team sponsored from the west side of the county. In the second photo Assistant Chief Bryan Records on defense at third base during the same game. "Bad Mojo" won this game against Salisbury and went on to place 2nd in the tournament.
Final results were:
1st place--Talbot EMS
2nd place--Bad Mojo
3rd place--Strokers (from the Churchhill Area)
A great time was had by all and the monies raised from this tournament go to the Michael J. McMullen EMS Scholarship at Wor-Wic Tech, and the Fire and Rescue Service Suvivors Scholarship at Salisbury University.
The Salisbury Soapbox wishes to thank all those attending the tournament either as players or supporters and here's hopping we will see you again next year.

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Rat Fan said...

A/C Gladwell sending one into the outfield? My little squirt friend is lucky to get one past the pitchers mound! OUCH!